The Emblazoned

29 | ♀ | Miqo'gar | Mercenary + Smith
Homeworld: Mateus | Data Center: Crystal
Work in Progress...


Full Name: U'bonsi Beloved
Race: Seeker Miqo'te / Lost Hrothgar
Age: 29
Height: 6 fulms, 2 ilms (6'2"/188cm)
Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Birthtown: The Forgotten Springs
Home: Unnamed Island (current)
Orientation: Demisexual/Panromantic
Nameday: 31st Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Guardian: Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Jobs (in character): Warrior, Dark Knight, Reaper, Botanist, Blacksmith, Carpenter
World: Mateus
Personality: On the surface, U'bonsi is stoic and brutish, but to those who give some patience and understanding, they are a very passive and helpful individual. Short tempered and unintelligent to most of the world and life, if provoked to believe they are being teased, will become agitated and difficult to converse with. This makes working with others a bit of a struggle, especially due to their blunt nature, but do not let that deter you. They are not against learning, and quite excitedly partake in new things if invited. Should they be given the chance, he is one of the best to have on hand should danger get out of hand. Honest and loyal to those he deems close, they are an immovable and unbreaking wall to push himself and others forward.

What is his aether like?
U'bonsi holds an immense amount of Aether in their being and anyone who checks it would describe it like a compressed ball of power on the brink of bursting, but his body is well and otherwise healthy and there seems to be no issue with him having all that Aether. Should anyone need any, they are more than happy to offer his bountiful amount. Those with a more trained eye will realize that the massive amounts of aether he harbors is from bahamut.
What is he like physically?
U'bonsi is noticeably large and bulky compared to normal Miqo'te, and without question is a hybrid with another race. His body is covered in scars of multiple size and age, and across his back are tiger stripes similar to hrothgar stripes. His tail also has the same at the tip.
Can he use magic?
No, U'bonsi does not cast magic. Doing so is extremely difficult to him, as they do not have the training nor the diligence to do so, but also, the amount of aether he contains amplifies any spell he might cast, making it dangerous. So, it's best left that he just doesn't learn.
What's up with his eye?
Basically, when Hydaelyn reached out to bestow her blessing of the Echo on him, Bonsi rejected and fought against it. It partially worked and partially didn't, as what I describe that happened is that he received a "broken echo" which left one of his eyes hot white. He is colorblind completely in that eye, save for being able to see the color of people's aether. Otherwise, U'bonsi has no other Echo capabilities and is prone to being temporarily tempered by certain primals who he can agree to or relate to; the primals so far being Titan, Ravana, and Susano. He is free from tempering once said primal is defeated, but will require some days of rest to recuperate.

The Unending Journey

InfancyU'bonsi's birth in the U' tribe was anything but normal for the average Miqo'te. Since before she left the womb, her tribe loathed her simply for the fact that the Father who sired her was not the Nunh of the tribe and therefore subjected to begrudging tolerance. Her mother, U'sobha, was the chiefess at the time who only sired one child with the Nunh. She was respected and looked up to by many of the lesser Huntresses, but she had unyielding spirit and youth for Life. After realizing the Nunh at the time was nothing but a power hungry, selfish leader unfitting to her taste, she refused to couple with him from then on. Years after having her first child, U'yozhu, she crossed a Lost Hrothgar by the name Viggo who had been traveling through the desert and was being attacked by wild Drakes. The two's relationship sparked, and it didn't take long for them to couple. Upon hearing the news, Viggo was banished from the territory and never to return again. Unable to abandon her already born child and risking the life of her unborn one, Sobha reluctantly remained with the U' tribe. Her rage burned on her love for her child-to-be and it was described on the day of U'bonsi's birth that the sun burned the hottest the desert had ever seen. Afterwards, her mother was told that her child would bare no surname, as her father was not of the tribe and therefore undeserving. Her mother did not care for what rules the Nunh implemented, and bestowed her own chosen surname for her child, Beloved. U'bonsi Beloved. Despite Bonsi being born an average looking Miqo'te, nothing could erase the black tiger stripes running down her back and tail or her noticeably larger size growing up.YouthNeedless to say, U'bonsi didn't have any friends outside of her mother and elder sister. The other Miqo'te either ignored her or bullied her during her early years of life for being different. Even other mothers would hiss at their children to get away from her if caught around and interacting with her. Unknown to her, it was mainly the Nunh's doing that she be alienated and ostracized. Since she couldn't befriend her fellow cats, she began to befriend a baby Drake her mother found and gave to her at a young age. She named him Krem, and the two were inseparable. Despite being mistreated by most, U'bonsi was still happy and loved, always the curious and brave to tackle new things in her everyday life, whether that be stalking and pouncing bugs and other small desert creatures, finding a tree to hide and perch in for her sister to come looking, or braving against whatever strange, scary things the other Miqo were too afraid to handle. It wasn't till the age of 8 that tragedy finally came upon the little happy home. On a mission with a small group of hunters, U'sohba and her band were attacked by a massive group of Sandworms. The battle was hard, and everyone scarcely made it out with their lives no thanks to Sohba's sacrifice to stay behind and fend off the massive Queen leading the bunch. Her body was never recovered, and so it was assumed she was devoured. U'bonsi, too young to really understand, was distraught, and now left to the care of her sister who was only 4 years her elder.AdolescenceIt was tough for the pair growing up without their mother, but U'yohzu worked hard and kept her sister well and fed once she took to the sword. She quickly began to prove herself a capable warrior, and garnered the interest of growing Tia who believed her to be the next chiefess in line. By the time she was 20 years of age, with U'bonsi at 16, she decided that her life wouldn't be restrained to the tribe, and pursued a life of Adventure for the extra money to take care of her sister, explaining somewhere along the way that it was her Calling. By this point, U'bonsi had grown much bigger than the other cats her age and older, and so she was less picked on and moreso left alone to her own devices. She accepted the treatment her tribe gave her, as she preferred to be alone save for the company of her sister who would return every few weeks with Game, Treasures and Tales of what she witnessed around Eorzea. It was then that U'bonsi was introduced to a companion her sister made in her travels, Y'shtola, and was told about the Scions and their purpose. She didn't think too much of it, but simply wished her sister well and to return home safely, but such was not the Fate of the youthful warrior. When Bonsi was at the age of 21, the Seventh Calamity approached and her sister returned one last time, bidding that her sister stay safe and to pray to the Twelve over the next few days. When Dalamud fell and bursted to reveal Bahamut, U'bonsi could only panic as she watched the explosions from her home. The sheer chaos made her panic for reasons she couldn't understand, and as bits of raining flame and rock came falling from the sky, she could only rush towards it in the night on Krem. What happened that night is a blur for her, and she only realized days later that she had left home far, far behind her. Seeing no reason to go back, as nobody would come for her nor was waiting for her, she continued on unprepared into the desert. Unfortunately, she carelessly succumbed to heat exhaustion, but was thankfully found by the Brotherhood of Ash who returned her to their camp to recover. When she awoke, she feared that death was imminent as Amal'jaa were long known for kidnapping U' tribe members to use as sacrifice to their God, Ifrit, but the beast tribe was very quick to prove otherwise, and offered to let her rest for a few days before leaving. Over the time spent, she quickly grew fond of the Amal'jaa who treated her indifferently, and soon requested to join their ranks. Narujj Boh, the Amal'jaa who discovered her while unconscious out in the sands, was the first to vouch and take the young Miqo'gar under his wing and teach her weapons smithing. Needless to say, it was validating for her to find this odd, adopted family and to be given a place amongst it. From Narujj, she learned a life under the Axe, and taught not to succumb to the wrathful flames in her bodice, but to use them to fuel her strength. What was once a quiet, self-kept cat now began to grow into a proud, brute warrior of exceptional skill, wild and unyielding in spirit.And so The Adventure Begins...Five years after the Calamity and living with the Amal'jaa, U'bonsi was presented with a vision. A divine voice cried out to her one night while she witnessed a meteor shower, and she panicked. The Voice beseached her take Her Blessing just as her sister once did, but with no knowledge or will to such a strange and unexpected offer, she rejected it. Little did she expect The Voice to impose itself onto her, she fought back, eventually forcing herself out of her vision. Confused, she seeked the wisdom of their Tribe leader, Hamujj Gah to help her understand this vision and why her right eye upon waking up that morning hard turned into a searing hot white. In explaining the voice, what it told her, the Amal'jaa told U'bonsi to travel the lands to find her answer for the Voice's offer. With Krem in tow, the pair began their journey towards Ul'dah, where she was told that Scholars there would be more informed to help explain who this strange voice was. Upon arriving, she unfortunately crossed Thancred who attempted to flirt with the young Miqo'gar, which earned him a swift punch in the face. When stopped by the local guard, the wild-spirited U'bonsi reacted to negativity in kind, which promptly got her thrown onto an Airship and sent away to Limsa Lominsa to be with other trouble making brutes. It was there that U'bonsi was found by Y'shtola who quickly recognized the young adventurer and swept her up into the Scions in promise for room and food. She did confirm to Bonsi that her sister died at Cartenau, taking the news seemingly well. Though U'bonsi is reluctant to consider herself a Scion, her excuse to help the group was to find out what was so great about the world that U'yohzu would abandon her. But most of all, it was to figure out who was this voice and what they wanted with her and her deceased sister.


- Hi, I'm Tobi, he/him 21+ with only an interest to rp with other adults
- I have no issues with dark, mature or even some disturbing subjects, but please speak to be oocly beforehand.
- Very very new to in-game rp and also just really shy, but I am open to approach to talk to! I used to rp a lot years ago by para rp, but I am long since been rusty.
- Absolutely NO homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc.
- I'm not fond of multiship, but I am not against shipping OCs with friends should the chemistry be good. Please do not pursue my character for romance without my permission, or you will be rejected ICly should you be bold enough to try and blocked afterwards.

WANTED BOUNTY: U'bonsi has had a bounty on his head since before their adventuring began in Ul'dah. Whoever placed the bounty, refuses to take it down, even after their years of work for the Scions and proving himself to the grand companies. Many people have attempted to claim this bounty, and to nobody's surprise, nobody has ever succeeded in completing it.
This bounty is not a real in-game bounty, there is no gil to collect should anyone succeed in defeating him in a fight, but it does make a fun way for introductory roleplay
GUARD FOR HIRE: Need some muscle to go with you to some suspicious meeting or to protect your caravan from brutes and thieves? U'bonsi is available for the job should he be contracted.SMITHY: U'bonsi was trained by his adoptive Amal'jaa family on how to smith, and through his travels has honed her craft. They will happily craft you anything you might need (weapons especially)TRIBE ADVOCATE: U'bonsi has many connections to the individual tribal groups dotting the world and can speak their languages fluently. He can serve as a translator or a messenger should anyone need, but if he catches wind that you attack or harm the tribes, you will be made an enemy in his eyes.